TROLLI - Cupboard

Trolli - Cupboard

Directed by Becky And Joe

Puppets by Nathan & Joshua Flynn


We were given the task of making two Troll puppets for this commercial, developing the characters from 2D drawings into an animatable stop motion puppets.

The Ugly Troll puppet featured a fully articulated body made up flexible foam and latex over a ball & socket armature. His face was malleable to offer a wide range of expressions and a set of clay replacement eyes were used to animate their movement. His heavily textured skin was sculpted and painted to give a gross appearance, with individually punched hairs and a glossy sweat membrane. Costume created by Rachel Brown.

The Cute Troll Puppet features extendable arms and legs made from flexible latex on wire armatures. His head rolls on his shoulders using a system of magnets, with replacement facial features to allow for expression changes and lip sync. He’s infused with fluorescent paint which illuminates under UV light, giving him a bright, vibrant appearance. Costume created by Rachel Brown.

The transformation shots were some of the most challenging effects to achieve in the commercial. We sculpted a series of clay replacement heads that were used to create the transition between the two puppets, allowing the effect to be captured in camera.

Animated by Andy Biddle.

Watch The Full Commercial Below