Trolli - Bag

Directed by Becky And Joe

Puppets by Nathan & Joshua Flynn


We were in charge of making puppets for this commercial, developing the character from a 2D drawing into an animatable stop motion puppet.

The Stick Person puppet featured a fully articulated body made up of a mixture of hard, fast cast and flexable latex in the appearance of bark and sticks. He had a set of 3 hand sculpted and painted replacement faces to animate his expression changes. These registered to the head with magnets. Sculpt by Nathan Flynn and Laura Tofarides

We also made a pair of large scale Stick Person hands used in close up shots. These were roughly the size of human hands and made from flexible foam and latex. The fingers on each hand could be swapped between full fingers, stump fingers and Trolli worm fingers to achieve the transformation seen in the commercial. Sculpted and moulded by Stephanie Howell. Paint by Laura Tofarides.

Watch The Full Commercial Below