Purplebricks - Family Time

Purplebricks - Family Time

Directed by Joseph Mann

Puppets by Nathan & Joshua Flynn


We were asked to make a family puppet for this stop-motion animated commercial. This is the second of two adverts that we were a part of for Purplebricks ‘Totally Sold’ campaign.

We started by sculpting maquettes based on 2D artwork supplied by the artists at BlinkInk. These were then refined and expanded into full body puppet sculpts. Leading a small crew of fellow model makers we developted the characters through the processes of moulding, casting, armature making, costuming, painting and hair appication.

The characters feature real hair, fabric costumes, ball and socket armatures, articulated brows, rolling eyes and replacement eye blinks. Our original head sculpts were digitally scanned, and using that information, CGI mouths were animated, tracked and composited onto the puppets faces in post production.

Puppet Crew - Sam Holland, Kat Probert, Vicky Humphris, Laura Tofarides.

Directed by Joseph Mann

Production Company - BlinkInk

Animated by Andy Biddle

DOP - Matthew Day

Filmed at Clapham Road Studios

Watch The Full Commercial Below