BOO & BOO Version 2

Boo Version 2 - 'Monsters Inc.'
By Joshua & Nathan Flynn
September 2009

Boo version 2 is based on the scene where Boo is drawing pictures in Mikey and Sully's apartment.
This is an entirely new sculpt.
Statue Measures approx 5 inches tall
Moulded in RTV Silicone and cast using Polyester resin.
Painted using Acrylics and chalk pastels.
Head and arms were cast using flesh toned resin to give a subtle translucent skin tone effect.
Features apartment floor base with carpet, floorboards, crayons and 'Creature Crunch' cereal pieces.
Boo's crayon drawing is accurate to the film.The paper is made from thin white plastic heated to shape.

Boo - 'Monsters Inc.'
By Joshua & Nathan Flynn
August 2009

Boo is wearing the monster disguise costume made for her by Mikey and Sully to sneak into
the Monsters Incorporated 'scare floor'.
Figure Measures 5 inches tall.
Made from Super Sculpey Firm.
Painted using acrylics and chalk pastels.
Made as a one off gift.